Fine Art Cross is the expression of the art of Lori Catlin Garcia, who earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fine arts, and has 20 years of experience as a professional designer having worked as a theatre costume designer, a textile designer and as an art director at the LEGO Toy Company. Jewelry was Lori’s first love, and as a silversmith, Precious Metal Clay Guild Certified Artisan and proud member of the Granby Artists Association, she has been developing her own line of fine art jewelry at shows and shops throughout the northeast over the past several years.

Fine Art Cross is the culmination of that dream, and “He Calms the Storm,” developed first through Lori’s own life and art, then refined in a dialogue with over 1600 people through an on-line survey, has become the perfect beginning.

Lori has also been commissioned by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center to create their signature cross necklace, and she is presently working on expanding her catalog to include various crosses that capture stories from Lori’s life as well as the stories of family and friends.